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Here and back again …

Sorry for the absence. I’ve been struggling with a little writer’s blockage (yes, Jasmine, I know it’s not real, but I thought about it too hard and so got freaked out) and just … well, some personal issues for a few weeks, but this week I started to feel a little better about things and I may even be ready to attack some writing again.

The important thing is that I finished the short story and got it sent off. I did decide to enter it in Writers of the Future, knowing that I probably had no shot. But then I have a list of markets to go through, so all will not be lost. I feel pretty good about the story, but I also feel like it’s kind of what I usually do, so for my next project I want to do something totally different.

Mr writing process is evolving as well (alert! alert! boring writers-only relevancy to follow!) I used to write everything out longhand, and then type it up. I think I did better work this way, and something about the connection between brain and hand and pen and paper helped to make the ideas flow. I have certain issues in my brain that are helped by physical rituals like this. And typing on a white screen does nothing for me.

However, this process is cumbersome, and probably cuts my productivity in half, so I’m working on trying to do things on-sreen the first time. I don’t find it as enjoyable, and when I’m stuck I need to revert to pen and paper, but I’m hoping this will help me push through. I want to finish my short story before November 1st so I can resume work on my adventure novel for Nano next month and get a good head of steam built up on that. I also have school and kids and the job search, and … I probably better not thing about it so much or I will get freaked out again.

Anyway, sorry this rambled. I have to go now and get ready to go to the Ren fair. I’ve never actually been to one, but my wife won the tickets…I just hope I don’t get accidentally speared, because that’s the sort of thing that would happen to me.

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