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In the Interest of Not Being a Sarcastic Jackass All the Time part 2

I’ve done this before. It’s inspired by the great folks on Pop Culture Happy hour. It’s nice to take stock and look at the good things that are happening once in a while, so here are 5 things that are making me happy right now.

1. Stupid Summer TV is here! Summer is traditionally seen as a a dumping ground for all the shows the networks didn’t feel strongly enough about to show during the actual TV season, and for the large part, that is true. But the good news is that I like stupid stuff. I like goofball ideas and experimentation. So bring on Primeval New World, Under the Dome, Siberia, Sinbad, and all the rest.

And oh, Sinbad. This is the platonic ideal of a silly summer show. Just in the first episode Sinbad: won a street fight, stole an artifact from a mysterious father-daughter duo, got chased by guards, got captured by Sayid from Lost, got his brother killed, broke out of prison,was cursed by his grandma, got chased by guards again, stole away on a ship, discovered a perky thief, was thrown in the brig, sailed into the middle of a storm, battled water demons, saved perky thief from drowning, guided the ship through a tidal wave, found himself and his companions lost on the high seas.

Again, this was just the first episode. It wasn’t even double size or anything, just an hour in length. It’s new on the Syfy channel, but it probably first aired in Canada or something.

2I finally replaced my laptop. My old laptop was five years old, and though it was mostly working it had this annoying habit of turning itself off for no reason while I was in the middle of doing something. At first I thought it was overheating, so I bought it a cooling pad, but this didn’t seem to help. Recently, I became able to afford it so I replaced it.

My new laptop has 8 gigs of ram and a terabyte hard drive. Do I need 8 gigs of ram and a terabyte hard drive? Not really, but it’s nice to know it’s there. It runs on Windows 8, which is a mixed bag because windows 8 has a habit of forgetting it has things like, oh, say, wifi, but this is a minor annoyance and doesn’t happen very often. Beside, there are time it would be very good for me to have a computer that doesn’t have wifi. And it doesn’t turn itself off for no reason.

3. I have a couple of days this week to get caught up. The kids are home from school now, which means my writing time has been curtailed to say the least. I have a short story that needs editing, and a novel that needs an updated outline and a new start. So when my wife had to go to a conference in Santa Cruz, I decided to go with her, which would leave me a couple of days in a hotel room with nothing to do but write (and yes, watch TV and surf the internet, but I’m really trying to avoid those things). This blog post is the first result of that time, so so far I am doing ok.

4. My wife and I are taking an actual vacation. And no, I am not counting the Santa Cruz trip. It’s our fifteenth wedding anniversary in August, but she’ll be working, training teachers at a conference in San Diego, But the kids are going away to camp in July and we decided to take that time for an early anniversary trip. We are going back to Seattle, which is where we spent our honeymoon. Hopefully this will be a better trip since on our honeymoon we both got the stomach flu and spent two days retching in our hotel room. It was not very romantic.

My wife, the travel planning expert, has a lot of stuff planned. It should be a lot of fun.

5. Perry. I finally broke down and gave into the begging and let my daughter get a new puppy. She wanted something small that could live in the house with us with a minimum of fuss (we have a bigger dog who stays mostly outside because every time he comes in he pees on something). She selected a Yorkshire terrier and we found a breeder who didn’t want to charge $1000 for one. We brought it home last Thursday and the thing breaks the cuteness scale. The best part is I get to play with the dog, enjoy hanging out with it, bask in its adorability, and hand it over to my daughter to train and clean up its messes. I imagine it’s something like having a grandchild. We named it Perry, mostly so that we could look at each other and say “Hey, where’s Perry?” (yes we are big fans of Phineas and Ferb)

anyway, here’s a pic: Image

And that’s five things that are making me happy right now. I’d love to hear about yours.


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Apologies … and a request.

I would like to apologise to the cast, the crew, the writers and producers, and most importantly, my fellow fans, for my unabashed love of the show Kings. I doomed you. I am sorry.

Dollhouse, same thing, although you’re not officially cancelled yet (maybe I should not say I like it publicly, because that never goes well.)

I add you to an illustrious list: Firefly, Wonder Falls, Drive, Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone, Veronica Mars, and others I’m certain I will remember later.

I would also like to add Heroes to the list, but it was not cancelled, it just started sucking really, really hard, so I pretend that it has been.

So, new tactic:

NBC, please, please do not renew Chuck, it is not at all a fun and quirky show my entire family adores, not at all. In fact, we tune in solely to mock it, mst3k style. My wife sooo does not have a crush on Zachary Levi (you can admit it honey. wait, don’t yet), and my thoughts about Yvonne Strahovski are all about I wish they would not let someone so unattractive defile our tv screens. The supporting cast is not at all hysterical, and I am not one of the people who wants to purchase a Jeffster t-shirt. And really, the end-of-season plot developments did not promise an invigorating evolution for next season. The fact that Captain Awesome is so awesome that he goes all the way around to being a lovable dork? Not at all awesome.

So, in conclusion, NBC. Please cancel Chuck. We want that hour of our lives back every week.

FOX, please cancel Dollhouse as well.

That is all.

edited to add: Part of it worked!

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My quickie, non-spoilery reaction to the BSG finale

a more reasoned analysis will come later, but for now….

omg! omg! omg!

and I would like to thank io9 for the following image, which pretty much sums up everything.


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