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Now What?

So I have a couple week’s distance on the book. And am finishing up a short story I wrote both because 1. the idea had been bugging me and patiently waiting, 2. I need a palate cleanser between drafts, and 3. I would like to have something I can shop around now. I’m now taking a serious look at what it’s going to take to get this novel into fighting shape.

Good point 1: I still like it.

Good point 2: There’s still a workable spine for the story. I didn’t break the narrative the way I did the last one I wrote and never finished revising because of the aforementioned borken narrative. (the long Manic episode that followed didn’t help either. Nor did the following crash).

My wife will be happy to know this because she has been insisting that it would possibly be nice if I actually FINISHED SOMETHING. ahem.

The problem is two-fold:

I need to cut about 20,000 words out of it.

I need to completely expand the final act.

Yes, I realize these things kind of conflict. I’m on it.

But mostly what I see in it is that I held back from some aspects of the story because I thought they would be a little too expected at certain points, and my instinct has always been to avoid trite-ness. What I forgot was that this is a very specific kind of genre piece, and those things I held back from might actually be necessary to give the full experience a reader might want from it. I want this thing to feel satisfying at the end of it. The trick will be to satisfy those expectations in unexpected ways, not ignore them altogether.

I guess what I mean is I want this book to be even more of what it is. And I’m kind of excited about that.

But I have no clue where those 20,000 words are coming from.

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