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Hell, Yeah infinitum and shame, shame, shame.

I am very proud of my country for electing Barack Obama. This … I’m choked up over politics for the first time in my life. This really might change everything, we’ll see.

But … California? What the hell? I live in a state of bigots. We have now singled out a group of people specifically to eliminate their rights in THE STATE CONSTITUTION!. And everybody has all sorts of “think of the children!” bogus excuses, but it really all comes down to the fact that they think being gay is “icky.”

Two people who love each other should be allowd to get married. Marriage has cultural weight. You cannot create a separate but equal state. That, actually, weakens amrriage, as hetero-sexual couples will, of course, petition to have civil unions too, which will have all the rights of marriage but not the same status. THAT weakens marriage.

Oh, and the skyrocketing hetero divorce rate. But no one talks about that.

Gay people have been getting married here all summer. I’m still just as married to my wife as I was before. And tell me how the creation of more stable relationships weakens anyone?

shame on you, California.

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