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I should probably warn you I wrote this before the meds kicked in.

I finished my rough draft of my major school project (incidentally, why can’t dreamweaver be as easy to use as powerpoint? Digression!) and managed to end up only three days behind on all my work from last week. This cannot continue, as there are hard deadlines this week so I will be caught up by this week if only by virtue of having failed on some projects spectacularly.

One thing about hitting your mid 30’s (yes, yes, I’m old, get over it) is that you kind of figure out who you are and how you operate and at a certain point must forgive yourself for being that way and start looking for work-arounds. I have had adhd all of my life, but wasn’t diagnosed until I was 30 (apparently, my brain is on speed, naturally, which explains why I talk and move and read so fast and probably also why I make so many typos) and have been on different meds which, until recently, were somewhat sedating. I finally went to an expert, who helped me find the right thing, something which could focus the energy without trying to dampen it. And voila … massively productive. Still not able to sit still, really, but that’s ok. You sit still, you get run over. Now I can actually direct the energy into getting things done!

So, I found Lifehacker. Most awesome website ever. And started using Todoist. I loves me a good to do list app. I’m still waiting for that perfect site to combine a calendar and to do list just the way I like them (no, neither google nor yahoo are it). There was a scary point in there last week where my search for the perfect productivity tools was making me much less productive than I needed to be, but I got over it and settled down.

So, why am I behind?  Sheer, blind ambition (no, I don’t know how it can be both sheer and blind, but trust me, it can).  Also, life hates me. So, today? I’m going to finish the rough draft of the Footprints story, which still lacks a title. And I’m going to do a chapter from my programming book (making php and mysql work play nicely) and clean several rooms in the house, all before having to go pick up my son from school and take him to Karate.

Which means I should probably get back to work.

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