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Damned Baptists would be an awesome name for a band.

I like to say my first favorite TV show ever was Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. This is not true. My first favorite TV show ever was Charlie’s Angels. My favorite Angel? Surprisingly, not Farrah Fawcett’s Jill. It was Chris, her replacement, played by Cheryl Ladd. But Farrah Fawcett was cool too. My favorite Farrah era was her crazy years, where she babbled on Lettermand and there were stories that she was throwing wild parties and defecating on her own lawn (I blame Ryan O’Neil). This was just after the critically acclaimed Burning Bed years. But I was too young to watch that. Still, Farrah, I salute you. Go gently into that good night. You deserve the rest now.

And Michael Jackson’s Thriller was the first album I ever really wanted to buy, but wasn’t allowed to because it was unholy rock music(yeah, right!) and my church did not approve. This was also the era in which I was not allowed to go see Return of the Jedi because the church frowned on its members going to “the show,” and the cool kids called it in 1984. Damn Baptists … sorry, I know I’m going someplace bad now. Michael Jackson’s amazing flame out out of weird accusations and long-delayed projects (hello Katrina relief song?) was just as entertaining as Farrah’s. But Michael’s work was good. Black and White is still my favorite MJ song (will not go near Man in the Mirror), but I always thought he was kind of a sad case always trying to reclaim a childhood that was stolen from him by the mass media and an abusive father.

I think we all kind of knew it was going to end suddenly, so Michael, go get some peace as well now.

weirdness note: I found out about MJ’s death via a twitter message form Randall Flagg. This will give me something to talk about with the psychiatrist next week.

Sorry, I got nothing on Ed McMahon, except that I was always really hoping he was going to show up at my house with balloons and a giant check, and am still somewhat disappointed it did not happen.

Anyway, Farrah, MJ, ED … go gently and all that …

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