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A Modest Proposal

image from slash/food.comThere are two main cable channels we watch a lot in our house. Anyone who knows us can probably guess what they are. Syfy (still hate that name) and The Food Network. I’ll leave it up to you to wonder which of us belongs to each channel. Given how often we flip between the two of them I was surprised it took me as long as it did to realize the one thing they have in common.

Both of them had a lot of adds from dating websites. Not just a few, A LOT. Like three of them every commercial break. seems to love Food Network. With Syfy , it’s mostly from eHarmony, probably hoping the geeks will approach the Hari Seldon-like mathematical formula, and, which has, as its main selling point, that they will accept you when eHarmony won’t. Insert your own joke here, but I’m still waiting to see a spot from (MadTv fans will get that one. The rest of you can move on).

What does this mean? Are both of these groups, as a whole, in NEED of these services? Does no one else see the opportunity here?

Let’s get the foodies and the geeks together. They have a lot in common anyway. Both have an obsession with things normal peopple would call ephemera and like to play with toys (trust me, my action figure collection had nothing on my wife’s obscure, it might peel a potato, it might make James Bond tell you where the chip is, kitchen tools). Both worlds have their own celebrities that aren’t recognized by the rest of the world. Best of all, their skills are complementary. Most geeks are awful cooks (molecular gastronomists not withstanding), and most foodies could reeeaaallly use help with their computers.

I propose we combine Comicon with Taste of San Diego, and let nature take care of itself. Think of the awesome snacks we can have at the D&D parties of the future.

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