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The children have proved to be a very unreliable workforce when it comes to lawn maintenance and repair, so I appear to be on my own with this one. We live in a development that is built on something called rattlesnake hill, but I have yet to see one even though my previous neglect of the backyard would clearly suggest that I have it coming. I should probably thank the dogs for this, since they are both at least medium sized and would probably scare away any rattlesnake that poked its head out. That, or the just don’t like me, which I can live with.

Indiana Jones didn’t like snakes either, so I feel no guilt for my decidedly girly phobia about them. I knew I was a parent when my daughter was 2 and we found a little garden snake in the backyard (totally harmless, yes I know) and I actually stepped over it to go get her instead of screaming and diving under my grandmother’s lawn chairs.

I’ve also recently become the kind of person who gives pills to a cat, of which I am not proud. I took him in because he’s an old cat and was just kind of laying around and not eating and I was afraid that it was just his time and we would have to put him down. $200 later we came home with some better flea meds and a regime of antibiotics for some infection he’d picked up (where? I do not know. he never goes outside) and after a week he’s actually getting up once in a while and starting to get fat again. It was hard to tell how well it was working at first because he’s not exactly the most active of housepets anyway, which was probably why it took me so long to realize he was sick. But we couldn’t just have him put down.

When our daughter first came to us (gack! ten years ago) she had a pretty severe respiratory inssue stemming from the conditions in which she’d lived, and had to be kept separate from the other foster children in the house, so we had her crib set up in our bedroom. Caligula would sit under her crib and come get us whenever she made noise or woke up. We started calling him “lassie cat.” So I really can’t complain about having to do this now, since I figure we owe him.

But I wouldn’t mind if he would make it easier to shove the pills down him, and quit trying to gack them up as soon as I give them to him.

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