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In other news …

It’s been a while. I’m now not dead. It’s been a rocky couple of months, but things seem to have hit equilibrium again. Took today to tackle the backyard, which had grown in some patches up to my shoulders. I had hoped to borrow my dad’s weedwacker for the job, but it seems that since he has his own yardwork outsourced, said weedwacker may not actually exist anymore (this according to my mother. He was at the car show, enjoying not having to mow his lawn, the traitor).

Stubborn as I am, I just used the lawnmower. In a backyard with lots of mole-holes, and a sprinkler system that may or may not have had parts sticking up out of it. I realize that none of this is recommended. I had hoped that my darling son would accompany me on this task and for a while he teased me. I taught him how to use the lawnmower (what? he’s 7! it’s time!) but in something that could only be considered a bad sign for any free lawn care of was expecting to extract from him in the future, he got bored with it. My attempts to give him the rake and have him rake up the grass behind me met with similar results. I guess I’ll guess I’ll have to give him until 8 before I make him do it all himself while I supervise from a lawn chair, which is, of course, the dream of fathers everywhere. Since I am not a misogynist, I will try to enslaverecruit my daughter next, but she was gone today, conveniently.

It proved to be a good exercise, cleaning out some of the gunk, both mental and spiritual, in my head. Yesterday I got past a hurdle and went ahead and scheduled my IT certification exam. I was waiting for appropriate test dates to be scheduled, but I was also fighting back a panic attack at the thought of taking it, since my instructor had the audacity to teach us by letting us take apart and rebuild actual computers and doing real-world problem solving, instead of doing intense online test prep. I’m nervous about it, but have a couple of study books and probably thousands of sample test questions to review endlessly, so I’m confident that I can study enough and do well. As a former teacher, I know how tests can concentrate on the ephemera because they are easy to put in multiple choice questions, and that’s what I’ve heard about this test from people who’ve taken it. It certainly seems so from the questions I have read. But it’s good to have a date and time in front of me to focus on.

In all of this, I haven’t gotten much writing/editing done. Hoping to get a better restart on that this week. I have two chapters edited (well, one of them edited on paper, needing to have the document updated), so there has been some progress.

I wish I had a pithy saying or life’s lesson to share to wrap all of this random-ness up, but I’m fresh out.

I will say that some things are hard for a reason, and some fights are tougher than you think they will be even as an upward curve can be jagged in places, with lots of places for the lawnmower wheel to get stuck and kick up mud all over your legs.

See, I tried it and shouldn’t have.

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