29 Jan

book better watch out, is all i'm sayin'.

ok, so the stupid book is almost done. I shouldn’t call it names. It really isn’t the book’s fault. It actually told me how to write it a couple of months ago and it’s been pretty good with providing the occasional pleasant surprise along the way. The problem is, it’s been ALMOST done for a month now, and I just can’t seem to get it to actual done.

There’s no problem. I feel like with this book I finally learned how to actually plot, which has been a whole thing in the past. And I still like the characters and am pretty excited to write what’s coming next. We have just one final thing before the actual final thing, a heartfelt denoument, and … roll credits.

so why isn’t it done? Dunno. Life has been kicking my ass a little the last few weeks, but it’s been nothing major (though this whole “death of a thousand cuts” is getting really old).

I’ve just got to knuckle down, reset my 2000 a day goal and stick to it. And I think the book is tired as well. It’s probably sick of me cursing at it undeservedly, I’m sure.

So, what do you say, book? You want to get this thing over with?

raging waterfall?
sharp rocks at the bottom?
bring it on.
(there’s probably only one person who will understand why that is here, and I hope she’s laughing right now).

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