Jesus Take Carrie Underwood, or How I learned to Stop worrying, and love American Idol

10 Jan

Ok, FINE. I was a conscientious objector to the whole thing for years and years. I refused to watch, even, and made fun of people who were fans (sorry, Kim) and couldn’t stand the sight of Clay Aiken and Carrie Underwood and their ilk. But the whole time, I had a dirty, shameful, secret.

I thought Kelly Clarkson was totally awesome. (I’m sorry, I’m sorry).

I made myself feel a little better about it because “Since U Been Gone” is TOTALLY the best treadmill song EVAH (there may have been too much time spent on Icanhazcheeseburger lately). And decided that it was totally ok, I could like one person and it didn’t make me a traitor to the cause.

And Clay Aiken and Carrie Underwood totally got under my skin in a way that made me want to tear it off and flap it at them to make them go away, so THAT was a good sign.

And then came David Cook and there’s a part of me buried deep, deep down that welled up in tears every time I head “Time of my Life” and I went ahead and downloaded that whole album and was ready to declare “Lie to Me” as the best tragic breakup song of all time.

But it was still ok because I’d never watched an episode of the show.

Then came another little reality show called Dancing with the Stars. And we were watching that, and I thought, well, we’re watching that, so maybe if I bring in AI I can maybe move our family reality obsession to that instead of DWTS. So it was TOTALLY a distraction move.

Started watching for realz halfway through the 2009 edition. Enjoyed it, but we hadn’t seen the entire thing so found I could take it or leave it.

Fast forward to this week. A wife home sick with the flu, looking for something to watch, discovering the AI 2009 marathon on Fox reality, and now we’ve watched the entire thing in one week. And now i’m a little hooked and can’t wait for next season.

Seriously, I just went on itunes and downloaded a bunch of stuff from Kris Allen and Alison Iraheta, and Daughtry, and Josh Gracin, and … well, let’s not go into it. I already had the Kelly Clarkson and David Cook covered.

In May, when this is all over again, I am going to feel really bad about this.

But not yet. Quick, someone email me a link to some Ramones or the Clash or something.

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