Things I am kind of over at this point

09 Oct

q-lolcats-galloping-galloway-private-polling-trashcatBecause everyone cares, right?

Vampires — oh, god vampires. Please … no more, no more. I don’t want any more books about them, I don’t want to see any movie trailers starring them, I don’t want to see them hanging around at the corner of my street waiting for the twi-hards getting off the bus from the middle school. I just can’t take anymore. Really. At this point, I am not even up for a Buffy reunion. I know!

Glee. It was a short courtship, and an early break up. It’s entertaining, and I like the music parts, but I am always annoyed when even escapist shows don’t even bother to handwave things to the point of deniable plausibility. Terri as the school nurse? Seriously. I’m not expecting realism, but NO WAY someone would be hired as a school nurse without a credential. Health aide? yeah. But not a school nurse with a faky lab coat and everything. Plus, it’s the same old thing, the same old message, that nothing is valid as an endeavor until the cute jocks get involved. Maybe I’m projecting a little. Oh, and Matthew Morrison is reeeeaaaallly annoying. It may be his hair.

But Jane Lynch is awesome, so I’m not quite ready to break up with it just yet.

Face book games. I don’t have the time, what with the writing and the studying, and the cleaning, and the cat training, and the secret plans for world domination (but wait — I’ve said too much). And most of them don’t work very well. I got tired of building a kick-ass roller coaster kingdom, then logging in again to see that none of my progress was still there and having to start over again. The only reason I have not deleted myself from these games is that if I do my wife and her friends will beat me soundly about the head and shoulders because they will lose their friends points. But don’t send me gifts or invite me anymore, because it’s not you, it’s me.

and since this has been two whiny posts in a row, I will end with some things I should be over, but am not yet:


I know, I know.

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