things that have disturbed me lately

03 Oct

The vhs copy of Passion of the Christ on the shelf of kids videos in the waiting room in the psychiatrists office.

My cousin telling me, “Hey, my kids have seen that!”

The CPS worker totally ignoring my subsequent report.

The fact that I feel like I am trying to get the swine flu, but somewhere along my body is refusing to commit to it, and I’m just left with this annoying chest rasp/cough/headache combo that doesn’t even get me any sympathy and doesn’t even give me a workable excuse to take a nap.

Tom DeLay on Dancing with the Stars. The horror, the horror.

The “I want to sex you up,” dance number on Glee.

The fact that I have two dance-related traumas on this list now.

Festival Season in Northern California (actually, it’s ALWAYS festival Season in Northern California).

Tiberius trying to catch up with Caligula in the girth department.

The Predicate Adjective/Predicate Noun worksheet in my daughter’s Language Arts packet. It’s fifth grade, people! I don’t even need to know that crap. And I had to teach it to myself to teach it to 7th graders lo those many years ago.

Having to teach myself, once again, the difference between a predicate adjective/predicate noun.

Having already forgotten the difference between a predicate adjective/predicate noun.

Kanye West making me feel sorry for the Taylor-Swift-Bot.

That is all for now, but we’re headed to another festival, which is always a source of new material.


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2 responses to “things that have disturbed me lately

  1. Unfocused Me

    October 4, 2009 at 5:43 am

    I feel like I should know what “The Passion of the Christ” is. Hang on, quick search on the ol’ Scroogle Scraper (I do like my anonymity) and… oh, that. That’s really strange – maybe it’s some kind of weird test for his patients?

    And your cousin’s kids have seen it? Wasn’t it performed in Aramaic? Were there subtitles? Were your cousin’s kids sitting through it, texting their friends about the lame foreign movie their dad was making them watch?

  2. Chadicus

    October 4, 2009 at 6:10 pm

    The Passion of the Christ was a loong movie produced and Directed by Mel Gibson. It is is aramaic, with subtitles. It is extreeeeeemely true to life in showing that tortures that were inflicted upon Jesus during the crucifiction. Indeed, It’s pretty much a two-hour-long toture scene where you are supposed to feel every lash, every pouning of the nail. It’s a pretty compelling piece of art if taken that way, and many adult christians have said it was helpful to them in their faith.

    There is also, to put it bluntly, and extremely anti-semitic throughline. While it is true to the bible-story, nearly ever (non-Jesus) jewish character is presented as the worst of shylock-like sterotypes, and they are all dirty, rat-like, yellow-black-teethed, etc. a lot of people, including Gibson, have claimed he is just tryong to stay historically accurate. Given the anit-semitic drunken tirade Gibson gave during his arrest, it’s hard to defend that argument.

    anyway, there’s some background,a nd why I so so squicked out by it being shelved (probably innocently by some poor receptionist who said “hey! Jesus!” and put it with the kids stuff.)


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