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12 Jul

Leaving tomorrow for Portland for the Footprints reading/signing at Powell’s at Cedar Hill Crossing in Beavertonm alongside Jody Sherry and Brenda Cooper. Looking forward to this, though my wife has a work committment she absolutely can’t get out of (it’s the major thing she has to do every year). But my lovely daughter is coming with me. This will be the first time she’s come with me to an event like this. This would be more impressive if this weren’t my second reading/signing ever, but still. Since I will be occupied, my mother is coming along.

We’re going up a day early because it’s a pretty long drive, plus I’ve never really spent time in Portland before, and have always wanted to, so we’ll spend the day enjoying the city. My daughter is only nine, and is justing starting to get into the world of books and reading (its a struggle sometimes, mostly because of the California educational system’s over emphasis on regimented programs like AR, which serve to make reading all about quizzes and points. I’m looking forward to sharing this with her, so she can get a better idea that these books have people behind them, and I’d like her to meet Jody and Brenda. She sees me plugging along, getting grumpy and yelling about stupid character tricks, but I’m not sure she’s ever met another real live author.

So … it will be a couple of days of feeling like a real writer before I return to the world of cat-gack and laundry folding. Not that these things aren’t important.

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Posted by on July 12, 2009 in life, writing


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