In the interest of full disclosure…

22 Mar

Upon rereading my “things writers do that bother me” post, i realize that I sounded a little, well, self-righteous. So, to be fair, I’ve compiled a list of things that I do as a writer that annoy me …

1. Most of my viewpoint characters are snarky. I’m trying to fight this, so there is a variety of voice, but it creeps in. No one gives anyone a straight answer. I stamp down the pop-culture references, but they still keep making them. I have to re-write chunks of dialogue and observation because I realize a lot of it sounds like Television Without Pity snarkcaps (back before TWOP got bought by Bravo, fired the founders, and started sucking). Oh, and they shrug and smirk a lot, which must. be. stopped (thank you, Allen Guthrie).

2. The neoplasms … just, really, etc. Trying to get a handle on this one, but sometimes they do make the flow a little smoother, especially when you’re trying to convey a certain characters perception, or internal rhythm. Some of you will know what I mean there. It’s hard to explain.

3. I try to have too many viewpoint characters. I like using a large cast and a variety of people. My short stories only have 1, but the novels … I must be blocked from adding and adding (and since they’re all sarcastic jackasses, I really do need to start limiting myself). Maps of Perdition started off with 7. It’s soon to be 5 (Spoiler alert!), which will make it a little more manageable.

4. My romance plotlines are often predictable. I hate the “well these two are the male and female lead, so therefore they must get together” thing, so I’m trying not to do that here, but, you know, sometimes it’s hard to resist. I’m trying (but they’re so cute together, and both of them are nuts, so it’s perfect!)

5. I like the sudden violent death once in a while. Handled correctly, this can be a nice, shocking moment that takes characters to a new level of engagement with their immdiate situation. I may have overdone it in recent chapters.

So there, things I do that annoy myself…i’m sure my writer friends will have a list of their own.

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