Ringing in the new year with the power of laziness …

07 Jan

and it’s very powerful, isn’t it?

The rest of the family goes back to work this week, and I have a week until my next round of classes starts. 19 hours! gack! So I was looking forward to having this week to work at home on the writing and get a really good start on the project for this year. And I am writing, but an empty house just begs for an efternnon on the couch catching up on all the episodes of Heroes I’ve been putting off (don’t judge me!) or stalking the cat with a camera so he can finally make his debut on I Can Has Cheeseburger.

But I am making myself write, and doing all those things that never get done while everyone is home. Which is … everything. We did do a lot of cleaning to get ready for a New Year’s ever dinner party we hosted for some family and friends. So, the house is at least clean now. Really clean. I actually took a scrubber sponge and got the dried yogurt off the walls of the living room, finally (it’s a long, long story).  And I lack the attention span for risk, and my wife is a gfanatic, so she had a chance to play finally with a group of her former high school students who have, in the years since, become something like de facto family. But that didn’t stop them from ganging up on her and kicking her off the map in the first few rounds. Maybe she should have had a more lenient homework policy.

And while they were doing that, my son and I printed off a bunch of super-hero pictures on cardstock and made an AWESOME super-hero war game involving teams of heroes and villains and power levels and die-rolls. Even the risk-players were jealous.

But today I’m back on, trying to follow the GTD method to actually get things done. I have to get back into good habits again so the avalanche of schoolwork coming my way doesn’t keep the book from getting done.

And somewhere in all this, I need a job.

Oy … I was feeling good, but 2009, I love ya but you’re starting to bring me down.

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Posted by on January 7, 2009 in life, writing


One response to “Ringing in the new year with the power of laziness …

  1. Unfocused Me

    January 19, 2009 at 2:14 am

    You’re back at school by now — how’s it going? Are you getting any writing done?


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