26 Nov

OK, so, I’m working on a new book. This is not my first, but it could be (fingers-crossed) my first published. It’s a horror-adventure story, based on the old gem “a group of normal people are thrown into extraordinary circumstances and must first figure out what’s going on and then try to survive, with a few fleeting fantasies about one day returning home thrown into the mix.”

No, LOST did not invent this plot structure. It’s not a rip-off.

I wanted to build a cast of characters that would not, vocation-wise, have any obvious leaders. No doctors, cops, city councilmen, managers of the geek squad, whatever.  Also, because it is a novel with horror aspects (channeling much?), and will have a signifigant body count, I wanted to randomize it somewhat. Everyone is on THE LIST, even my viewpoint characters, and victims are pulled, ahead of time so I can plot and develop properly, out of a hat. Well, out of a container of popcicle sticks with their names on them, but the effect is the same.  If a couple fo names come up, it will break my heart. But … that’s baseball, isn’t it? And it should make for some effective emotional movements.

It will also present challenges and keep me engaged in a way that should keep the project barrelling along. Not even I really know what happens next. Yes, there is a plan, an end point, but how we get there, and who exactly makes it … we’ll have to see.

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