Maybe sometimes I should think INSIDE the box…

21 Nov

It’s depressing seeing the date of my last entry, even if I don’t have a lot to report right now.

I made my deadline, sent of “Dust in the Stellar Wind” on time. Yes, the title is cheesy, but it’s on purpose. This story was odd for me, but I can’t get too specifically into the why without spilling the whole thing, which I don’t really want to do yet. I don’t like to talk about them too much while they’re out there, searching for a home. So that makes 2 things I have out right now. Nothing’s been rejected … yet.

Other than that, I used NANO to jump start a new novel, but at this time I have no hope of making the 50,000 word count this month. It’s a horror/adventure novel, and I’m writing it in way that is a bit … well, part of the joy for me is the discovery process of the story, so there are elements of this that I’ve, I guess, randomized. Oh, the destination is planned out, but how I get there, and who makes it there, is still up in the air.

Yesterday, we celebrated my son’s sixth birthday with laser tag and go-karts. Mom won everything, I will admit, though I will say circumstances (and the spirit of the game, really) conspired against me.  And this morning  I woke up and found out that I was out of coffee.  Well, not totally out, I had a bag of coffee beans, but no grinder, since my grinder disappeared sometime during last year’s move. Undaunted in the manner of true addicts everywhere, I put a pile of beans between two coffee filters, placed this whole mess on the cutting bored, and got out the hammer.

Worked pretty well, actually.


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2 responses to “Maybe sometimes I should think INSIDE the box…

  1. Unfocused Me

    November 22, 2008 at 3:18 am

    You probably didn’t mean it this way, but thanks for the tip. I have a couple of bags of whole beans that taunt me when I run out of ground coffee (our grinder died a while ago). Now I know what to do.

    Good on you for taking a shot at NaNo, even if you’re not going to make it to 50K this year.

  2. C.E. Grayson

    November 22, 2008 at 7:52 pm

    you’re welcome. My wife is always teasing me about using inappropriate tools to accomplish household tasks, but even she was amused by this. I did it again this morning because I was too lazy yesterday to make it to the grocery store. Was not as successful, probably because I was impatient.


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