My shameful confessions …

03 Nov

It’s time to come clean. Here are some things about me I’ve been keeping secret.

I cannot NOT tear up whenever I hear the song “I Hope You Dance,” especially when performed live by someone I know (thanks a lot, Tori and Kim).

As long as we’re on the subject, that happens a lot at the end of certain episodes of Eli Stone. And Ugly Betty. And, ok yes, The Office.

The first presidential candidate I ever voted for (and was crushed when he lost) was George H.W. Bush. I was young and naive and attending Bible college. But I’m all better now. Go Obama!

I used the metal piece on the back of my Obama button to fashion a tiny rod with which to manually open a recalcitrant optical drive in class the other night. I am so, so sorry … but it really was necessary (and did make me feel like MacGyver, so there was that going for it as well).

Actually, those action figures on my desk aren’t just for decoration (and no, son, you can’t play with them).

I still have a crush on Erin Gray from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.

Despite my love for the current show, my inner seven-year-old (yes, inner) thinks it could be improved by the presence of at least one daggit.

I would much rather listen to an Indigo Girls album than Radiohead.

I’ve totally lost patience with Heroes and still have everything from this season (except the premiere) on the DVR waiting to be watched.

While I recognize the lyricism of the writing, I hate the book Moby Dick. But I love Melville’s Bartleby, the Scrivener.

Sometimes, when work and school have me stressed out and I just need a good brain-cleanser, I go here. Yes, i said these confessions were shameful, didn’t I?

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