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They must be working for Satan. It is the only explanation

I don’t usually linkblog, but this … Krispy Kreme is selling Ice Cream now? As if you usually can’t walk from one Krispy Kreme location to an adjacent cold stone:

Historians from some future species that inherits this planet will mark this as the date upon which humanity ate itself into extiction. It will be our Yucatan Meteor.

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I don’t mind if it rains, but does it have to rain snot?

Sorry for the gross title. That’s the kind of mood I’m in today, but I promise this won’t be a whining post. It’s been one of those weeks where I start off with good intention and a brilliantly thought-out to-do list that, if followed properly, would have resulted in all my homework done, my story out the door, and the house being spotless. You can guess what happened next.

Virtually every single day had an atomic-sized disaster in the middle of it that necessitated all plans being dropped immediately and emergency positions taken (why do so many of my emergency posistions require me to be on the telephone or in the car, also on the telephone?).

Things seemed to be settled down now, mostly, but I am behind on all kinds of work and I was trying to get all of it done last week so the week ahead, which has long loomed in red letters on the calendar as THE WEEK FROM HELL would not have to be so bad. 

So, in short, I am screwed. But since I am am on all kinds of cold meds to combat the summer-cold-which-is-also-from-hell-possibly-sent-ahead-as-a-herald-sort-of-like-the-silver-surfer that arrived on Thursday, I don’t even care. 

I have spared you all the story of the snot and glitter disaster that necessitated the shaving of all my facial hair. You’re welcome. 

Carry on.


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Progress report

Just finished a marathon writing session in which I finished the short story that started out as the three-page fair entry, and ended up at almost 7000 words. I promised myself I would get it done this week, edited, and then OUT somewhere. Right now I’m happy with it, but have this secret fear that it might actually be terrible. I also promised myself that I would send it out to a market that had the potential of actually paying me for it, or at the very least give me a nice and shiny pre-stamped rejection letter.

Now I am wondering if I am actually crazy and ambitious enough to send this off to Writers of the Future. 

Maybe … maybe I am.

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Forget the bronze age, enter the age of CHROME …

Ok, so I downloaded Chrome.  One of my tech profs was afraid of it because he said it was a stealth way to embed ads on every page. But I thought I should try it because it was supposedly this revolutionary new browsing device that would CHANGE LIFE ON EARTH AS WE KNOW IT!!!

So first, the download was stupendously quick and easy. It was on my computer and installed before I even knew what was happening. I had a few moments of digital “quaa?” before the interface clicked in my head, at which point at found it easily navigable and intuitive. It was also very, very pretty, and this is me speaking as someone who loves Safari for precisely that reason.

The biggest new feature: That home-page thingy (yes, I is a semi-professional writer) that puts your nine most viewed web sites up immediately on the (i guess I’ll call it) base page. The one marked with a plus sign on the tab.

I also like the star near the address bar that let’s you bookmark things. And the tabbed navigation between pages, though that could get cumbersome if you’re not careful. 

I was afraid that since it was brand new and virtually no sites had been developed to use it as a native environment, that scripts would be wonky and I’d have a lot of trouble loading some things, as I often do with firefox and i.e. (but never, for some reason, in Safari, which you would think might have that problem since I’m not on a mac).

Bottom line: Love it. Would like to get a bigger bookmark bar on the base page, but you can probably do that somehow and I just haven’t played with it enough, and the little folder in the corner is convenient anyway. The only problem I’ve had is having some myspace pages load funky, but that may be more a myspace problem than anything else (yes, I’m still using myspace for rl friends networking. Don’t judge me!)

Is it a category killer? Dunno. A lot of people are fiercely loyal to firefox. I really like the way this one is set up, though. It could catch on. And if they’re embedding ads everywhere they’re failing at it because I haven’t seen one  yet. Maybe they’re waiting and then will sock it to us later. Could happen. 

So basically, Chrome knocks Internet Explorer to the floor and stomps on its face. Not that that was much of a challenge.

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parental FAIL!

My son has taken it upon himself to be the one who, when we visit the in-laws, opens the gate for us to drive through when its time to leave. Usually with the van sitting there, waiting for him. Last night, when he went to perform this task, he was poking along even more slowly than usual, playing with some toy or other.

So … because I am me … I decided to hurry him along a little by honking the horn. At which point he jumped about three feet in the air and (I swear this was not funny, I don’t know why I’m still laughing) landed in the rose bushes.

The wife was not amused. The son was definitely not amused. Not even the daughter was amused. Me? Amused. Still amused. Felt bad when I saw the scratches on his hand (they were tiny, very tiny), but still … that sight of him jumping and flailing? Still amused. 

I am very sorry and I promise to pay for his therapy.


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