14 Jun

This is the new blog. Different from the old blog, which was always a little unfocused. As I was. Now, this is about my work. My family. The culture we live in. All of it. Yes, it sounds unfocused still, but it’s really about confluence of all three.

For the new initiates, I am a student, a writer, a father, and a husband, living in the wilds of the Superior region of California, which if it had not been for the outbreak of world war 2 might have become a part of the 49th state of the union, Jefferson. Seriously, look it up. There may even be a novel there somewhere, someday.  

My short story, “This Abandoned Sky”, will soon be published in the anthology Barren Worlds, edited by Eric T. Reynolds and published by Hadley-Rille books.  I also currently have an online serial running. It’s called Mere Mortals and it’s nothing but a fun adventure super-hero story starring the people who the stories usually aren’t about. It’s at

I’m also working on a novel. I’ll be posting occasional snippets here for comment.

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